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In Which March’s Little Black Box Samples Are Revealed

Have you heard of The Little Black Box? It’s a monthly handmade craft sampler package that I am happy to contribute to. Milly does a fabulous job supporting handmade craftspeople (like myself 🙂 ). This month, I’m sending in samples of my newest Chromatic Thread, #004.

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After all the crazy wind and snow and rain we’ve had this winter, I thought it was time for a little spring-y green. This thread is a blend of multiple wools (merino, targhee), alpaca, silk noil and flax. Give it a try in your Spring-time projects!

In Which Valentine’s Day and Silk Thread are Celebrated

First off – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Silk Heart

Whether or not you have someone special to celebrate with this year, make sure you do something awesome for yourself today – take a hot bubble bath, go out and have a nice meal, stock up on craft supplies – whatever floats your boat!

Speaking of doing something awesome, I have a new friend to introduce you to:

Silk For Your Needle Test Thread

Silk! I ordered silk hankies from Spunky Eclectic (one of my favorite fiber suppliers) early last week, and when they arrived, I couldn’t wait to start spinning – in honor of Valentine’s Day, I grabbed a pink, purple and silver one. After spinning and plying, I ended up the fabulous 3-ply thread above. I try to not make a habit of gushing about things, but I LOVE THIS THREAD! Since I decided on a 3-ply, it’s round, rather than flat like a 2-ply thread, and the little noil bumps give it so much texture and life!

Even though this is a 3-ply thread, it’s much thinner than my other threads. It looks wonderful 1 over 2 on 40 count fabric (see my cute little Valentine heart), and also looked great when I spot-tested 1 over 1 on 28 count linen.

Silk Heart and Thread

Since this thread was such a success, I’ve decided to introduce a new thread line, Silk For Your Needle – all spun from handpainted silk hankies. The first colorway is all spun up and resting – I hope to share it with you sometime next week. I think you will love stitching with it as much as I do – it’s dreamy! 🙂

In Which We Start Pondering St. Patrick’s Day

I know Valentine’s is just around the corner, but if you are anything like me, that means it’s time to start thinking about your St. Patrick’s Day crafts! I created a collection on Artfire that I hope will help you with your thread selection 🙂

So what are your plans for St. Patrick’s Day crafts? Doing them, not doing them? Leave a comment and let us know!

In Which Square 002 is Completed and 003 is Previewed

Square 002 is done! What have I learned? I do not like stitching with off-white thread on flax-colored linen! But, I think the end result is worth it:

Square 002 - Snow Drift

Square 002 - Snow Drift

Square Details:

  • Fabric: 28 count linen in Flax
  • Threads: Snow Drift for the square’s interior, DMC 3033 Perle 8 thread for the outline
  • Chart: Square 3B on first page of Red Threads by Rosewood Manor

Snow Drift has quite a bit of mohair in it, making it a stiffer thread than I’m used to – I like the result!

After the off-white on flax action, however, I decided I deserved a treat, so I skipped ahead to a February Sampler Exclusive thread for block 003. Here’s a Sneak Peek:

Square 003 Sneak Peek: Wine Dahlia

Square 003 Sneak Peek: Wine Dahlia

Don’t forget to check out the whole project at the 2011 Handspun Thread Sampler Project page!

In Which This Week’s New Handspun Threads Are Highlighted

Happy Sunday! This past week saw three new colorways make their way into the shops. First up is the new Blissful Threads stock colorway in my Artfire studio, Rom:

Rom Blissful ThreadsI love the jewel tones in this one!

Next up is the first new  limited edition Painted Threads in my Zibbet shop, Lakeside:

Lakeside Painted ThreadsI think this one would be fabulous in a “monochrome” chart, especially an autumn-themed chart!

And, lastly, we have my new Lotus Threads limited edition, Lucinda:

Lucinda Lotus ThreadsThe blend of soft merino, silk, sparkle and sari silk in this one is my kryptonite – I do love me some sparkle!

That’s it for this week – I hope love these threads as much as I do. Happy Stitching everyone! 🙂

In Which an Ego is Boosted

It’s always nice to be included in an Artfire collection, but when that collection makes its way to the front page, it’s extra special! Freshwater Pearls was featured in the “Cloudy Day Collection“, which is now on the Front Page 🙂

In Which the First Square is Revealed

I’m really enjoying working on my Sampler project – I spend so much time spinning my thread that I occasionally forget how fun they are to actually stitch with! I finished square #1 last night:

Square 001 - Snow Moon

Square 001 - Snow Moon

Square Details:

  • Fabric: 28 count linen in Flax (the light version that seems to be disappearing – I’ll either have to buy all I can find, or use at least one other linen color for this project)
  • Threads: Snow Moon (Blissful Threads) for the square’s interior, DMC 3033 Perle 8 thread for the outline
  • Chart: Square 1A on first page of Red Threads by Rosewood Manor

Keep track of the whole project on the 2011 Handspun Thread Sampler Project page!

In Which We Meet February’s Threads

Boy, did I have a hard time deciding on a theme for this month’s Handspun Thread Sampler! At first, my plan was to avoid anything to do with Valentine’s Day, but as I sorted through the thread, these babies kept calling to me. So, without further ado, let me present the February 2011 Handspun Thread Sampler of the Month: Flowers!

February 2011 HTSOTM

TOP ROW: Lavender Vanilla – Lotus Threads (Sampler Exclusive), Wine Dahlia – Panda Threads (Sampler Exclusive), Rom – Blissful Threads, Celery – Lotus Threads

MIDDLE ROW: Fertility – Wool For Your Needle, Intuition – Wool For Your Needle, Roses in the Snow – Blissful Threads, Patience – Wool For Your Needle

BOTTOM ROW: Ambition – Wool For Your Needle, Paper Roses – Painted Threads, Fresh Melon – Lotus Threads (sold out!), Prosperity – Wool For Your Needle

This month’s Sampler Exclusive threads will not be available for individual sale until September 2011 – I have very limited quantities of Lavender Vanilla, so it may never be available again.


Current month Handspun Thread Samplers are available in my Artfire Studio and Zibbet Shop. If you’d like to subscribe to the Handspun Thread Sampler of the Month, or would like additional info regarding the 5 Sampler sizes, please see my Subscriptions page.

In Which the 2011 Handspun Thread Sampler Project is Revealed!

One of my goals for 2011 is to make something memorable from all the threads from each month’s Handspun Thread Sampler. Since each month’s sampler includes threads that I may never be able to recreate, I want to create something now that will serve as a visual reminder of all the fabulous fibers I’ve worked with over the year.

I’ve started and stopped several projects this month, each time thinking “okay, this is the one, this is what I want to do all year”, and each time realizing I just couldn’t do it – not enough variety, structurally implausible, etc. But this time, I’ve finally found what what I’m looking for – handstitched alphabet blocks! This is a project I’ve been kicking around for years in my head, and I think this is finally going to be the year for it!. I’ll be using the blocks from Red Threads by Rosewood Manor.

Rosewood Manor Red Threads

Rosewood Manor Red Threads

I’ve got a trip to my LYS on the docket tomorrow to pick up my fabric. I’m thinking a nice neutral tan, to highlight the individual threads.

I’d love to see what you are doing with your Handspun Thread Sampler thread – please leave a comment and show off your work! If you haven’t subscribed to the HTSOTM yet, check out the Subscription Page!